We believe that God has designed each of us with a need to connect with others and to serve others for his glory.

At Bucks Church there are all sorts of ways to begin serving.

Showing Hospitality

Whether out front greeting others warmly or preparing things behind the scenes, our hospitality team seeks to make sure that everyone feels welcome when they walk through the doors.

To get involved, contact Jason Leininger.

Caring for Others

Our Care Ministry helps us practice the compassion and mercy that Jesus taught by coordinating volunteers to care for BCCC members and attenders who are going through a difficult time.

To get involved or to share a need, contact

Ministering Through Music

Members of our music ministry use their talents and gifts in encouraging all of us to worship God in spirit and in truth.

To get involved, contact Rebecca Benjamin.

Assisting With Technology

Our tech team makes it their aim to use technology to enhance our worship gatherings and other ministries.

To get involved, contact John Sweeney

Maintaining The Facilities & Grounds

We are so are grateful that God has blessed us with a wonderful building and property, and our facility and grounds teams use their varied gifts to take care of what God has entrusted to us.

To get involved, contact Ron Cookson.

Serving Kids

We believe that when kids come to church that they deserve more than just "babysitting." Therefore, our team of helpers, teachers, and coordinators focus on teaching our kids about Jesus and encouraging them to follow him.

For the safety of our kids, we insist that all volunteers complete the appropriate background checks. Click on the links below.

Criminal Background Check

Child Abuse Clearance (email Rachael for a code)

To get involved, contact Rachael Booth.

Ministering To Youth

Our youth leaders have a heart for discipling students through both the silliness and seriousness of middle school and high school.

For the safety of our youth, we insist that all volunteers complete the appropriate background checks.

To get involved, contact Pastor Ken Miller.

Leading A Small Group

Our small group leaders are mature disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to helping others grow as disciples of Jesus.

To get involved, contact Pastor Rich Johnson.

Teaching Adults

Learning about God is a life-long process, and at Bucks our teachers dedicate themselves to studying the Bible so that they can pass on the transforming truths that they have learned to others.

To get involved, contact Pastor Rich Johnson.

Going On Mission

Jesus has commanded his church to make disciples of every nation, and our missions teams take part in spreading the gospel across the globe.

To get involved, contact Pastor Ken Miller.