Bucks Church Men's Ministry

It is clear that men are struggling to find their identity and place in a world that views them as inept and useless. In these days, men feel like Ray Ramone from "Everybody Loves Raymond". No one respects their opinions, their children do not regard the weight of their words and their wives see them as more of a hindrance than a help. 

Here at Bucks County Community Church we are committed to help men rise above the current cultural tide that strips them of their true masculinity & God given responsibilities by getting them connected with other men through Men's Breakfast, Men's Sports, & Men's Activities and growing them spiritually through Men's Fraternity, Men's Small Groups, and Men's Retreats.

Men's Fraternity

What men are in desperate need of is a good dose of connecting with other men at a new level, a spiritual level. One way in which we try to engage men in the battle for their strength is through community with other men in a small group context.

Men's Fraternity is a RealiT (reality) Group!

Relationship- with God and other men

Encouragement- to stand against the tide of corrupt cultural influences

Accountability- to maintain godliness in a godless world

Loyalty- to know there is a band of brothers who care and sympathize with their struggles and hold them in confidence.

Instruction- to grow in God's Word & wisdom

Truth- to fight the lies that seek to destroy families, marriages & churches.