Run out of Bucks County Community Church

1249 W Maple Ave

Langhorne, pa 19047

Information about iBlast

The Goal of iBlast

The goal is to bring children from the community into a program that teaches the message of God. Every night there is a verse and a bible lesson taught. Our leaders and helpers choose to show the love of God each week. iBlast is run by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

Nightly Activities

Each night we start with a song time all together. Then we go to a rotation of events. Crafts, games, snacks, and Bible lesson. Each rotation is 13 minutes long. 

Each week the kids have a book they bring home. There is bible reading, questions and answers. This is given to them so they have the opportunity to be in God’s word during the week and not just on Thursday nights. 

Children are given points each night that go toward Store Night. They can earn points by; bringing a friend, bringing their bible, saying the bible verse, listening to directions, doing an outstanding action, helping a friend, or wearing their tee-shirt. 


There is a one time registration each school year. We want to have emergency contact information for each child. We need to know who is allowed to pick up too. Email addresses are used to inform parents of upcoming events and programs. 

Here is the link https://forms.gle/EJuGThsHxmbbdT4H9

Inviting Friends

We welcome friends! We want all of those that attend to invite their friends to come too. They can fill out a registration at iBlast drop off, or they can fill out the online registration too.

Our leaders

Our leaders are awesome and amazing! Our leaders all have a criminal check and child abuse check. 

Drop Off

Drop off is at the back door, in the back parking lot. It is called the Children’s wing. Parents can come, drop off children and then head back out. Or parents can come into the Fellowship Cafe while the event is going on.

Pick up

Pick up is also through the Children’s Wing doors. Parents will get their children out of the classroom that their grade is in. There are signs on each door so parents can identify which rooms they need.

If you have any questions about iBlast please contact Rachael Booth    rachael@buckschurch.org