Children's Fellowship Nights(CFN)


We run from 5:30-7:30 pm. Always on the third Saturday of the month. To see the months we are offering this program check out the schedule page!

Age Group

This program is offered for infant- 12 year olds. If you have children over 12 they are able to be helpers in the program.

The Goal

The goal of CFN is to bring unity to the children in our church. It is important for our children to work and grow together. Studies have shown that as children get older, they are falling out of the church. We want to create an environment where they can learn and grow in a relationship with Christ and other believers.  

Changing Theme

Each CFN has a different theme. The theme can determine the scheduling of the night. However they have the same basic structure. The children come in and find a table to do a welcome activity. They get to talk and play with friends at this time. Then we have a verse time altogether. After this they break into groups. Sometimes this is all of one age together, and someone we mix up the age groups within each group. The rest of the night could be a rotation to different centers, or it could be just switching activities in the same room. This is where variation comes in based on the theme.


On the registration form we ask if your child has a food allergy. We do this to keep children safe. We would love to provide a snack that is edible by all children, but if your child has a food allergy you may be asked to provide a snack for them. Snack time is just that, a snack. This is not a replacement for a meal.

Inviting Friends

We would love to have you invite friends. Please have them register and show attendance. Those are two different forms.

One Time Registration Vs. Attendance

There is a one time registration form online. This form lets us know about allergies, emergency contacts, who is allowed to pick up, and age of child. This information is important to keeping your child safe. However, we don’t want you to have to fill out that information every event night we have. So we created an attendance form online for each event. This gives us basic information on your child so we can create good size groups, and buy the materials for crafts, and snacks. So the ONE TIME REGISTRATION give us your emergency information and the ATTENDANCE gives us information for just that night.

Here is the link for the One Time Registration. The attendance link can be found on the church webpage.   connect/children


Our goal is to keep this event free. All crafts, snacks, games and such are donated by the Church. If you would like to keep this ministry going, we are always looking for parent volunteers to help run it.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Rachael Booth