Scott Kelly

Pastoral Assistant

When Scott and his wife Leigh Ann began attending Bucks Church in 2018, Scott had recently completed a Bachelor of Religion degree and transitioned into a Master of Divinity program at Liberty University. During that time, he volunteered in various capacities at the church, serving primarily as a Youth Ministry leader and an intermittent ACE Class teacher.


In May of 2021, after hearing that Scott needed to complete an internship to finish his graduate program at Liberty, Pastor Ken graciously invited him to do so at Bucks Church. Serving in a more staff-oriented role that summer turned out to be a very rewarding experience, as Pastor Ken then presented an opportunity for Scott to join the team officially as a Pastoral Assistant.


Since then, Scott’s role at the church has become multifaceted. While he continues to serve in both the Jr. and Sr. High Youth Ministries, he is also still active in developing and teaching ACE Class curricula. Additionally, he coordinates and instructs various seasonal small groups, executes projects for social media engagement and communication, and assists Pastors Ken and Rich in several other aspects of day to day operations.


Overall, Scott contends that it has been a truly blessed experience to participate in the vibrant ministry at Bucks County Community Church and he is excited to see what great things the Lord will do in the years to come.